Friday, June 24, 2011

Pictures: Ignite Fest 2011 with Maddthelin

More review about Ignite Fest 2011. Actually, there is nothing I can tell you guys about this gig because I wasn't there. I don't know, what is happening. Haha. I only can show you guys the pictures of Maddthelin while their having fun at Terengganu.

For more review: Ignite Fest 2011  with The Padangs and Mad Monster's Attack.

The photo's has been taken by Bob Vizards, photographer and also Maddthelin's Manager. I also put Maddthelin's video from the previous gig. Enjoi !


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Pictures: Ignite Fest 2011 with The Padangs and Mad Monster's Attack

Review with pictures, less talking.

Its been awhile, I'm not updating my blog. Okay, let's just proceed okay ? Here I wanna give a review about Ignite Fest 2011. What is Ignite Fest ? Here's the bit info about them.

IGNITE FEST was founded in 2007 by Aren & his closest friends from Historic Records/Dead Eyes Glow/East Coast Hardcore community and started the first show that focusing on igniting the beloved Terengganu Darul Iman and bridging the local scene with other region Malaysia, which is already reached higher level and standard from local own scene. The event had been successfully held on June 02 2007.

.For the sake of East Coast Hardcore/Metal scene, just keep on your great positive energy,kick off all of negativity and embrace this scene together!Together, we are the OCEAN!

Here's the flyers.

Yeah, a lot of band here. Maybe you know some of this band, and some you are not. It's okay. Just Google them. Check their Facebook. Get to know after you read this post. :)

What can I show you guys here is the pictures of then event, taken by Bob Vizards. Photographer also Manager for Maddthelin. I hope you like it.

Mad Monster's Attack

The Padangs

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p/s: Thanks to Bob, for this lovely pictures.