Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maddthelin in Protege Chapter 2 Gig at Terengganu

Hello readers ! How you guys doing ? It's been awhile i'm not updating my blog. Now, im going to update about Maddthelin. Go Google yourself about them.

On 08.01.11, Maddthelin has been performs in Terengganu. The venue is at Motel Desa, Kuala Terengganu. Oh ya, im not joining them because im quite busy that time. So, all the pictures i'm take from Bob Vizard's Photography Facebook.

Oh ya, Acap (Bassist) are not playing that time and has been covered by Akym from MissAndMister band. Do check out their Facebook yeah. :)

Here's the photos and video of Maddthelin - Protege Chapter Gig - Taken by Bob Vizard.

Trip to Terengganu from Bob Vizard on Vimeo.

Enjoi with all of this pictures ? Wanna see them live ? Next show is in Penang, this Saturday ( 29th January ). Here's the flyers.

Don't forget to check them out on the social network.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bob Vizard Photography Review

Ezwan Munir / Bob Vizard

Hello people, Hello readers. Happy Sunday, and hopefully you've a good day. Okay, today i wanna share something about you guys. It's about my friend, a very good talent, a local photographer.

Okay, here's a little info about him. The name is Ezwan Munir Bin Mahfut aka Bob Vizard who stay in Subang. Oh, don't ask me where did he get that Bob Vizard name. I don't ever think to ask him about this. Haha. He is a student at one of local college in KL. He is also a photographer under DeColours as Junior Photographer.



First Holiday

He is take part for wedding, event and gig photographer. Talking about gig or music, Bob Vizard also a photographer for Maddthelin, Arsonist and First Holiday. Plus, he is a Manager for band, Maddthelin. Okay, here I wanna show you guys some of his masterpieces.

Arsonist (Backlash 2010)

Massacre Conspiracy (Backlash 2010)

Maddthelin (Wolles Fest)

Enjoi with all his thingy ? Cool isn't ? If you guys intresting to hired him to be a photographer in your any event, do contact him at BobVizard Photography Facebook, Bob Vizard Twitter. Oh, also have a look at Bob Vizard Blog yeah.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rarely Blogging

Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada

Hari Selasa.
Bilik air.

Selamat petang semua dan selamat sejahtera. Ada sesiapa yang rindu kat aku atau blog aku ni ? Apa ?! Takde ?! Okay, fine. Tak kisah pun. Muahahaha. Mesti ada yang perasan, aku jarang update blog. Yeah, aku agak busy lately. Dengan kerja dan menguruskan kehidupan sebagai seorang lelaki kacak dan baik. Haaah, sweet tak ?

Aku akan jarang blogwalking. Kalau ada pun, singgah, baca, chow. Itu sahaja. So, korang rajin-rajin lah update benda best, mungkin aku akan baca. Hehe. Oh, kalau aku diatas talian aku selalu on Facebook dan Twitter. Blog aku on jugak, baca bahan-bahan korang yang best tu. :)

So, kepada sesiapa yang ada Facebook or Twitter, meh add and follow aku. Boleh borak-borak dan kenal-kenal kat situ. Ahh, promote cam haram. Sounds pathetic kan ? Peduli apa aku. Muahahaha. Okay lah. Nak mandi dan dinner. Chowsin.