Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog Budak Jahat presents H3 & Nas-T - Heavy (Original Mix)

Oi! Oi! A very new collaboration by H3 and DJ Nas-T with their new mix called HEAVY. Do watched it, enjoy it and dance to it! What are you guys waitin' for?! DO IT NOW!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

EIGHTYFOURCUBE Presents The Good Night Club 3 featuring Prognosis:Death, Corsets and Maddthelin

Another acoustic night has been brought to you by EIGHTYFOURCUBE: The Good Night Club. For those who loves acoustic, you should checking this show out. And, the performer is Prognosis:Death!, a Southern Rock/Metal band from Kuala Lumpur. Corsets, a Post-Hardcore/R&B band from Kuala Lumpur and Maddthelin. Band from friend of mine, also from Kuala Lumpur.

A chilling private show for fans to mingle with the band. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hubungan seks sepasang lalat

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Is My New Mixtape - Rebel and Rage (Raafik Mixtape)

This is my new mixtape. Hope you guys like it.
1) Piano Tune - Bar9
2) Antidote (Original Mix) - Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party
3) Fire Hive - Knife Party
4) Sleepyhead (Passion Pit - Borgore
5) Phyton - Dodge & Fuski
6) Destroy Them With Lazer - Knife Party
7) First Of The Year - Skrillex
8) Levels (Skrillex Remix) - Avicii

Friday, January 13, 2012

[Review] The Girl Next Door - Ramona Azween

"I heart 'Music', i share my 'life' with you through my 'Music', No Genre , Just "Music". :)" - Ramona Azween

Hello readers. Happy Friday the 13th. BAHAHAHAHAHAH! (Okay not funny at all). Hm, have you guys heard about Ramona Azween. A very talented girl from Subang Jaya? She's singing and she's can write her own songs.

Yeah, she's got a few songs that she wrotes by her ownself. Ramona also covered a few songs from a popular artists like Blink-182, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavinge and Coldplay. 

And yesterday, she has released her new song called "Akhir Kisah Kita". It's a break-up song, I THINK. Not really a break-up song but just see the song title? Right. Okay. Here goes the Akhir Kisah Kita video from Ramona Azween, and the lyrics also. Enjoi.

Lyrics :
tak ku sangka semua yang kita lalui telah berakhir,sekelip mata,
hari-hari ku tak serupa, kerna yang tinggal, hanya bayangan mu.

yang menghantui ku, 
kemana ku pergi,
apa yang ku lihat,
hanyalah kamu.

berakhir sudah kisah kita
berakhir sudah kisah cinta,
walaupun sementara.
kau pergi dan tak kan kembali,
sakit di hati ku tak terhenti,
berakhirlah kisah kita...

janganlah kau bersedih kerna ia telah berakhir, senyumlah kerna ia terjadi.
menjadi satu memorie, tentang kau dan aku, kisah cinta yang pernah berlaku.

biarkanlah ia berakhir,
biarkan, biarkan ku sendiri,
menyatukan hati ku ini,

berakhir sudah kisah kita
berakhir sudah kisah cinta,
walaupun sementara.
kau pergi dan tak kan kembali,
sakit di hati ku tak terhenti,
berakhirlah kisah.........cinta.... berkahirlah kisah kita..

You guys can like her FACEBOOK PAGE, follow her on TWITTER and subscribes her on YOUTUBE. She's also have a studio at Subang Jaya called GEEK STUDIO. Do LIKE it too.

p/s: Dear Ramona, sorry kalau saya ada salah tulis pasal awak ye. Saya tak berapa bagus dalam mencipta ayat. :)

Monday, January 09, 2012

Badger Malaysia pres. H3's Enter The Bassline IV Mix

Source: H3's MIXCLOUD.

Badger Malaysia is back to present H3's Enter The Bassline IV Annual Mix! 

Like all hustlers in their specific fields, both Badger MY and H3 believe in pushing the scene you're in and represtin' in 100%! This one hour mix of Bass, Juke Dubstep and DnB highlights the paradigms of our Sub Culture, showcasing different aspects of 'Bass Music'. 

Want to Download the Enter The Bassline IV Annual Mix? COP THIS AT BADGER MALAYSIA BLOG --->

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Maddthelin New Single, The Dawn Of Tomorrow Is Out Now

Login to Facebook and Click this link to listen to The Dawn Of Tomorrow.

The Dawn Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Here we come, once again, but different, another rhyme to groove.
Clap your hands, jump around, whip your head, stomp your feet to the ground, and lets make this world to bounce up and down , splash the floor with your move, push away all your sorrow, dont think about it anymore.

We knows we must catch that lightning light
So you will know about our heart inside
and you wont say no more(you wont say no more)
cuz it will hurt us more

The dawn of tomorrow
Can’t heal all my sorrow,
I can't hear you knocking on the door
I can't hear you anymore

What? I cant hear you
What? Who the fuck are you

Breathe in and feel the wind, touch your heart grab on to the rough sea on a broken boat

Only the million lives, in the sky would comprehend, stand alone on the peak of the mountain
Only the million lives, in the sky would comprehend, stand alone on the peak of the mountain

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Transformers: The Sex Tape-1 By DJ Nas-T is out now

Oi oi. How you guys doing? Everything is good lately? Good then. So, as you seen the title for this entry, our local DJ's, DJ Nas-T has been released his new mix. And it's called, TRANSFORMERS: THE SEXTAPE-1.

Maybe some of you guys wondering, why it's called TRANSFORMERS: THE SEXTAPE-1? Here's the answer from the MDA cliques (Malaysian Dubstep Alliance), MICH on Twitter. 

because it sounds like robots having hardcore sex. i mean. it's dubstep, so.
So, what are you guys waiting for. Let's listen to this! BRAPPPP! 

 Transformers : The Sex Tape-1 by DJ NAS-T 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Beautiful Owl presents Nothing Underneath EP Release

Nothing Underneath is Death Metal outfit from Ipoh, Malaysia. Founded in 2008 to search for life satisfaction and to empathize more deeply the meaning of music and experience in the music world. We are still young and hope we can go more further in the field of music. Many other things we need to learn about music. We listen to all genres but more to Death Metal genre. We talk about dignity of the world which has turned ,and we correct a wrong thing to be true, its about dismantling the obscure fraud.

LIKE Nothing Underneath Facebook now!

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