Saturday, January 07, 2012

Transformers: The Sex Tape-1 By DJ Nas-T is out now

Oi oi. How you guys doing? Everything is good lately? Good then. So, as you seen the title for this entry, our local DJ's, DJ Nas-T has been released his new mix. And it's called, TRANSFORMERS: THE SEXTAPE-1.

Maybe some of you guys wondering, why it's called TRANSFORMERS: THE SEXTAPE-1? Here's the answer from the MDA cliques (Malaysian Dubstep Alliance), MICH on Twitter. 

because it sounds like robots having hardcore sex. i mean. it's dubstep, so.
So, what are you guys waiting for. Let's listen to this! BRAPPPP! 

 Transformers : The Sex Tape-1 by DJ NAS-T 

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