Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Juice 8th Birthday : Space Invaders

Via Juice Online.

Greeting earthlings. What’s a JUICE birthday without a party right? It’s our 8th this year and we went with the theme ‘Space Invaders’, which originated from the 80s and the year has the number 8. Hey, it’s our birthday! We’ll do what we want to. Now do the robot dance as you read this.
It seems like only last month we celebrated our very successful 7th birthday at Ministry of Sound, Euphoria. Now lock down Friday, 16 July 2010 on you calendars cos we’re gonna party it up at Ministry of Sound, Euphoria again this year! Riding on the ‘Space Invaders’ theme, we came up with ‘Space Age + Neon Futurism’ as the party dresscode this year because it’s only right we created a new dresscode for our birthday party, cos we’re cool like that. Best dressed boy or girl stands a chance to win a 3 days/2 nights holiday trip to Hard Rock Penang worth RM2500! Get fresh!
We love Joey G so much, we are bringing him back as our host for the party again this year. This year’s entertainment is gonna be hot hot hot! We have the electro rockin’ band Zeue doing a live set and a dope list of DJs kickin’ it namely JUICE DJ Quest 2009 winner Kubika, dubstepping Bud Culture, the hottest duo at the moment HypeEmBeats + Jee Hoe and the dope Euphoria resident DJ Patrick Oliver! You best put on your best dancing shoes on.
There will be also be a fashion show courtesy of Mooks and Ripcurl this year and with JUICE there’s no way we’re giving you an ordinary show, so watch out. We want to see all of you on Friday, 16 July 2010 at Ministry of Sound, Euphoria. So, go get yourself invited over here now and tell your friends about it!
And yeah, i've already take my FREE admissions. What are you guys waiting for ? Go and grab your free entry now ! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Story About Them

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Entry yang ditulis adalah berkenaan anak anak buah aku. Mohd Adib Darwisy dan Nur Aamal Darwisyah. Mereka bukan adik beradik, tetapi sepupu.

Adib anak kakak aku yang pertama dan Aamal anak kakak aku yang kedua. Mohd Adib, sekarang berumur 1 tahun 3 bulan. Seorang yang agak hyper, dan banyak cakap. Sudah mula berjalan pada umur 1 tahun, dia memang tak boleh duduk diam. Dia akan berjalan sampai dia penat. Tapi, kalau dia penat pun, dia tetap nak berjalan jugak. 

Petah bercakap, walaupun tak jelas. Ye la, baru umur 1 tahun kan, tapi memang kuat cakap. Dia akan panggil aku "Apit" bukan "Pak Lang". Sebab dia dah terbiasa dengar family aku panggil aku "Apit". Hehe. Sangat suka tengok Youtube, dorongan dari parents dia. Tatkala aku tengah online pun, dia akan menyelit dan akan cakap, "aguu, aguu", sebutan untuk lagu. :)

Aamal pula baru berumur 2 bulan, dan akan masuk 3 bulan pada 2/7 ni. Seorang yang suka senyum, banyak cakap, dan akan menangis dengan kuat kalau tak dapat susu. Hehe. Bayangkan, baru umur sehari dah senyum sampai menampakkan lesung pipit dia tu. Haihh, geram aku melihatnya.

Itulah dia, serba serbi cerita tentang anak buah aku. Nak tengok ambar diorang ? Meh sini, tengok dengan hati yang tenang, :D

Sekian, terima kasih kerana membaca blog saya. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy 23th Birthday, Raafik.

Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by friends, not years.
May live with HIS bless.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Video Panas ! Sepanas Pisang Goreng !

Sekadar Hiasan

Meet Adib

Entry kali ni ditujukan kepada semua bapak bapak ibu ibu, sekalian yang membaca. Setiap minggu kakak aku sefamily akan datang dan sleepover dirumah. Dan setiap kali itu lah, tatkala Adib nampak laptop aku on je, dengan pantas dia akan cakap "aguuuu, aguuuu". Tau dia cakap apa ? Dia cakap, LAGUUU, LAGUUU.

Ya, itu adalah Happy Hour dia. Tiba masa untuk aku pasang video kat YouTube. Memang setiap minggu macam ni. Dah menjadi satu rutin untuk dia.

Dan ni adalah antara video video yang dia tengok. :)

[Entertainment] New video by We The Kings - We'll Be A Dream feat Demi Lovato

We The Kings

Demi Lovato

We The Kings, a Pop Punk band from Bradenton, Florida. So far, their have 2 albums. One is We The Kings in 2007 and the second album is Smile Kid in 2009. The band members are Travis Clark - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Piano, Hunter "Hundo" Thomsen - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals, Drew Thomsen - Bass and Danny "Dan Dan" Duncan - Drums.

Their famous hits is Check Yes Juliet, Secret Valentine, Skyway Avenue, Heaven Can't Wait and the latest single featuring Demi Lovato - We'll Be A Dream. Yeah, I really enjoi with this band. Plus, We The Kings is my favourite band.

Also associated with Boys Like Girls, Hey Monday, The Academy Is . . , All Time Low, The Friday Night Boys, Cobra Starship and Demi Lovato

Do enjoi their new video with Demi Lovato download this song here. WORD.

Do you remember the nights 
We'd stay up just laughing 
Smiling for hours 
At anything 
Remember the nights 
We drove around crazy in love 

When the lights go out 
We'll be safe and sound 
We'll take control of the world 
Like it's all we have to hold on to 
And we'll be a dream 

Do you remember the nights 
We made our way dreaming 
Hoping of being 
Someone big 
We were so young then 
We were too crazy 
In love 

When the lights go out 
We'll be safe and sound 
We'll take control of the world 
Like it's all we have to hold on to 
And we'll be a dream 

Whoa whoa 
Whoa, oh 

When the lights go out 
We'll be safe and sound 
We'll take control of the world 
Like it's all we have to hold on to 
And we'll be 

When the lights go out 
We'll be safe and sound We'll take control of the world 
Like it's all we have to hold on to 
And we'll be a dream

Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Gig] Wolles Fest


Korang ada plan hari sabtu ni ? Kalau nggak ada, mari lah join GIG ni.

Gig yang dianjurkan untuk pelancaran Joorue Shop, sebuah store yang menjual barangan bundle dan baru untuk muda mudi masa kini. Untuk keterangan lanjut, singgah lah di Website Joorue Shop dan juga Facebook mereka, Joorue Shop.

Gig ini juga akan disertai oleh band kawan saya, iaitu Maddthelin. Tak pernah dengar pasal dorang ? Takpe, boleh dengar lagu dorang kat Maddthelin Myspace. Boleh juga add dorang kat Maddthelin Facebook. Lagi artikel pasal dorang, disini.

Rakan seangkatan mereka, Nevada, Massacre Conspiracy, Definately Maybe, Dichi Michi, and This is My Hurricane juga akan bermain bersama.


Massacre Conspiracy

Yaya from Definately Maybe

Dichi Michi

This Is My Hurricane

Korang juga boleh merompak membeli belah disini. Sebab ada stall yang dibuka menjual merchandise seperti tshirt dan juga barangan lain. So, bring along your cash too ~ a lot of cash ! Haha.

Jemput hadir rakan rakan sekalian. Bawak rakan rakan anda sekali. Mari meriahkan gig ini. 


**Mintak ampun mintak maaf kalau aku ada tersalah type dan juga info lain. Betul betul kan la aku ni. :)

**Boleh celebrate bday aku sekali ni. Maddthelin, korang kena nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday untuk aku kat gig nanti. Haha.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[Entertainment] Viva la Glee-da

COLDPLAY have done a U-turn and allowed their music to be used by hit TV show Glee.

Producers are now busy working on a special episode of the American series featuring the band's tracks.

CHRIS MARTIN and Co have also apologised to Glee's creator RYAN MURPHY for turning him down in the first place.
I can't help feeling their revised decision to now hand over their music must be financially motivated.

Unless Chris's wife GWYNETH PALTROW had a word in his ear.
Let's be honest - it's a show for the girls and the gays.
On paper you can understand why the camp high school musical drama would not seem an obvious choice for Coldplay.
But the series has been a smash hit all over the world and the spin-off albums - three so far - have sold by the truckload.

Writer Ryan had approached the band after the success of a one-off MADONNA special to see if he could do a Coldplay episode too.
But they said no way.
Canadian soft rocker BRYAN ADAMS also turned down the show - and has so far stuck to his guns.
Ryan explained: "At the beginning a lot of people didn't know what we were and asked to see scripts.
"I refused because I didn't want to set the precedent of them having any involvement.
"My favourite rejection was from Bryan Adams.
"Coldplay and Bryan Adams were really the only rejections.

"But Coldplay called a week ago and said, 'We're sorry, you can have our catalogue'."
I can't say the telly musical has got my vuvuzela blowing.


It was the final episode of the first series on Monday night on E4.
The Italy v Paraguay game clashed with it... no contest.
But there's no denying what a brilliant idea it is and what an entertaining show.
LEONA LEWIS must think so.
The singer partied with cast members at London's Mahiki club on Monday.
She headed there after her London's O2 Arena gig to hang out with MATTHEW MORRISON, who plays club coach Will Schuester, and JENNA USHKOWITZ - Glee's Tina Cohen-Chang.
The cast are in the UK for an appearance on Friday Night With JONATHAN ROSS.

Read more:

**wondering. is it Glee series is only for a GIRL and a GAY ? DEMM !

[Berita] Perempuan yang tak pernah puas.

MASJID TANAH:  “Sebak hati saya apabila anak perempuan yang ditatang bagai minyak penuh, tergamak memaki hamun ketika menasihatinya supaya pulang ke rumah kerana masih mempunyai suami,” kata seorang ibu tunggal, Sarinah Sagil, 50.
Menurutnya, anak perempuannya berusia 32 tahun itu sanggup meninggalkan suami serta dua anak berusia sembilan dan 12 tahun semata-mata mengikut teman lelaki dan bersekedudukan di rumah lelaki terbabit.
Katanya, anaknya itu tergamak menghinanya di khalayak ramai di rumah keluarga teman lelakinya selain dihalau dengan kata-kata kesat yang menghancurkan hati dan perasaannya.

Sarinah yang bekerja di sebuah kilang di Bukit Rambai, ketika menceritakan kejadian itu berkata, anak perempuannya itu mula berubah sikap sejak mengenali lelaki terbabit selepas berlaku perselisihan faham dengan keluarga, beberapa tahun lalu.

Menurutnya, anak perempuannya itu dalam diam menjalin hubungan sulit dengan lelaki berkenaan berusia 30-an sekitar 2007 tanpa diketahui sesiapa sebelum nekad bertindak keluar rumah untuk tinggal di rumah keluarga lelaki itu.

“Kira-kira dua minggu lalu, saya mengambil keputusan untuk meninjau keadaan anak dari rumah seorang rakan yang kebetulan terletak berhampiran bagi membuktikan dia memang tinggal di rumah keluarga terbabit dan ternyata telahan saya benar.

“Berikutan itu, saya terus merujuk kepada sidang kampung itu sambil menjelaskan segala-galanya untuk mengambil tindakan lanjut terhadap keluarga terbabit, tetapi keluarga itu mendakwa anak saya sebagai anak angkat mereka,” katanya ketika ditemui, semalam.

Katanya, sebelum ini, keluarga lelaki terbabit pernah datang ke rumah untuk meminang anak perempuannya itu, tetapi terpaksa ditolak kerana masih berstatus isteri orang.

Menurutnya, dia kemudian dimaklumkan keluarga terbabit bahawa anak perempuannya memberitahu sudah diceraikan suaminya, tetapi dakwaan itu tidak benar.

“Anak perempuan saya ini memang licik dan sekarang tinggal serumah dengan lelaki itu di Sungai Udang hingga gagal dikesan walaupun beberapa kali ditangkap Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (Jaim), tetapi masih tidak insaf.

“Sejak kali terakhir ditangkap khalwat dengan lelaki itu awal tahun ini, kelibat anak saya itu gagal dikesan, namun berharap dia kembali ke pangkal jalan dan bertaubat terhadap perbuatan dilakukannya.

“Saya juga merayu pada Jaim supaya membantu membawa anak saya kembali semula ke pangkuan keluarga,” katanya.  via Harian Metro.

**Ada juga perempuan macam ni. Ingatkan lelaki je yang buat, perempuan pun ada. Dunia dunia.