Monday, September 27, 2010

FHM 100 Most Wanted Women in the World Party

Just before I start posting, some of the photos are taken by my friend, Adzeem. He is doing a great job in Photography. Good job mate ! And yeah, i'm make a simple editing on this photos.

The FHM 100 Most Wanted Women in the World Party, anyone went? I was there with my friends to see our lovely girl, Julie Woon. Woot ! She's look so ADORABLE that night. Was held in Ecobar Restaurant & Bar (check out their Facebook here.) 

Oh ya, for 300 persons, their will get a goodie bag. And of cos we are all get the goodie bag. Haha. Plus, we get a complimentary drink. Woot. Ya, antara gadis gadis cantik yang ada malam tu adalah Julie Woon, Chelsia Ng, Juliana Evans, Sari Yanti, Lana Nordin, Marsha, May Choy, Jay Menon dan beberapa orang yang aku tak kenal. Haha.

Maaf lah, not all the girls i know. Hehe. Btw, that night is awesome. We've had so much fun that night. Have meet lots of girls. Hehe. FYI, kami semua memang suka bergambar. Memang banyak gambar yang diambil, tapi hanya yang cantik dipublish. Hehe.

Here are all the photos on that night, and let the pictures talking. Enjoi guys. :)

More photos here.


Yeah, we are the VIP on that night. 

Ini bukan artis ye. Haha.

Yang ni pun bukan artis. Haha.

Ni pun bukan artis ye. Haha.


Malu malu meow.

Anak-anak, G untuk apa ?!

G untuk Ghetto kot. Haha.

Im wondering, what are they looking at ?


Paling kanan tu, muka kerek je kan ?

Anyone, who need boys here ? :)

I have no idea, who is this girl. LOL.

Yeah, my friend with Julie Woon, taking pictures together.
Jealous !

The hottiest.

Marsha also part of girls.
Also as a performer on that night.

Radhi OAG, as a performer.

Win a Hannah Tan CD. Woot.
and, he is the photographer.

From left, Sari Yanti, Marsha, Jay Menon, Chelsia Ng,
May Choy, Julie Woon, Juliana Evans.

We are "The Jahat's".

Amboi, gelak besar nampak ?

Meet Paan and Ali.

Thanks for viewing guys. TC.


ken said...

cool poses =)

Hazzy Ishak said...

julie woon sexxayyy habis!