Friday, November 12, 2010

Club Can't Handle Me Indian Style

Have you guys watched VC from Flo Rida, Club Can't Handle Me feat David Guetta ? That VC and the song is totally awesome right. Here I wanna share with you guys a VC by this one Indian dude.

I don't even know this dude name. My friend post on Twitter.
This dude is totally hillarious. Haha. Totally sick doh, you guys for sure will ROFL !


Hazzy Ishak said...

skg ni ngah layan lagu G6
far east movement
best best

RaafikJahat said...

@Hazzy Ishak
Oh, yeah. lagu tu best. Dengar lagu Black Eyed Peas pulak, The Time Of My Life. Best juga. :)

(One) SiTi* said...

singgah sini