Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gambar terbaru Daphne Iking dan Isobel

Oh boy. Is anyone here who don't know who is Daphne Iking. Demm, you guys should Google about her. Single Mom with a daughter name Isobel. Here is a new picture of them.

Daphne with her Isobel
Btw, happy 3rd birthday Isobel. :)

P/S: She is hot, isn't ? Source from her Blog.


amirah said...

hot mama beb

RaafikJahat said...

Yeah, sangat hot. :)

RaafikJahat said...

Yeah, very very hot mama. :)

zuana's dear diary said...

ehehe xnmpak mcm mak budak.. hot!

RaafikJahat said...

Yeah, langsung tidak kan ? Macam adik dan kakak. Hehe.