Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mixing In Action presents New Year's Eve Beach Party 2012 with DJ Nas-T

Hello guys, it's been awhile not updating my blog. Been too busy lately. Hope you guys doin' good. Anyway, what's your new resolutions for 2012? Any good things? Hehe.

Oh, by the way. What are you guys planning for this incoming NYE? Anywhere to go? Any party to attend? I've got something for you guys. Wanna party with MIA (Mixing In Action) and DJ Nas-T? Check this!

Yes, here is the flyers for the event. For those who plan to party on the island, join 'em. It's free tho. Wait, maybe you wanna listen to their songs first. Okay, check their Soundcloud!

 End Of Year MoomBahaton mixtape - FareenXL by FAREEN XL

 Bloodless - MC16 vs Commissioner (Big Chocolate Remix)- (DJ NAS-T lazy edit) by DJ NAS-T

Also, check their Facebook and Twitter. Here is the link.
Mixing In Action Facebook.
DJ Nas-T Facebook and Twitter.

This is the party you cannot miss! Enjoy it! Cheers.

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