Monday, August 17, 2009


The Basics
Who are you in love with?: Nadira Irwany.
What were you doing 2 hours ago?: Driving.
What were you doing ...1 week ago?: Online.
Are you wearing socks right this minute?: Nop.

My Favorites
What is your least favorite thing to clean?: My hair.
Who is your least favorite band/group?: Kasabian.
Favorite vacation spot?: Beach.

This or That
Shoes/Barefoot?: Shoes.
Smoothie/Milkshake?: Smoothie.
Sunrise/Sunset?: Sunset.
Cake/Ice Cream?: Ice Cream.
G.I. Jane/G.I. Joe?: G.I Joe.

Do You?
own an ipod?: Nop.
own an MP3 player?: Yeah.
own an XBOX?: Nop.
own a laptop?: Yeah.

Have You Ever
stolen something and gotten caught?: Hm, not yet. ahahaha.
been in love with someone you couldn't be with?: Yeah. :(
missed someone so much you cried?: Yeah, my dad. :(
cried over a sad song?: Hm, nop.
done something crazy to earn money?: Yeah, pajak gadai. ahahaha.

have you ever picked your nose in public?: Yeah, most of time.
have you ever picked a wedgie in public?: Yeah, sentiasa.
have you ever been barefoot in a store?: Yeah.
When was the last time you shaved?: 3 days ago.
Are you Pro Choice or Pro Life?: Not both of it.

First time you shaved?: 17 ? tak ingat lah.
First Reality TV show you watched?: Fear factor kot.
How old were you when you got your first cell phone?: 15.
Who was the first person you talked to today?: My mum.

As of Now
Are you wearing cologne/perfume?: yeah.
What did you do, or are going to do, today?: driving, online.
How many emails are currently in your inbox unread?: 39 emails.

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