Thursday, April 29, 2010

[Ganas] Flash Mob !

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Have you guys ever heard about Flash Mob ? What the heck is Flash Mob ? Flash Mob is a group of strangers who organize themselves, using electronic media such as cell phones or the internet, to gather together in a public place, behave in predetermined manner for a predetermined amount of time and quickly disperse.

A successful Flash Mob event depends on the element of surprise. Participants, called mobsters, share news about the time and place for an upcoming event through postings on blogs, chain e-mail messages, SMS, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This the the best of Flash Mob ever made.

Ruin Traffic

Shirtless in Abercrombie

Bang 2

Biggest Flash Mob Ever

Note : So, para blogger. Bila lagi kita nak buat macam ni ? Syok ni.


aremierulez/Amirul said...

flash mob ni memang cara. aku selalu gak tengok video-video diorang ni.

kat malaysia tak de orang nak organize ke?

xRaafikx said...

tak silap aku ada. tapi lama dah. try la organize. best woah. :)