Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tahap kelucahan anda

Short entry. Updated with pitures via Welaf. Pictures can make you smile. Enjoi. :)

A bra you can eat. LMFAO.

Yes, I know. This entry is so not related with the title. WTV. Haha.

Cry ! It's a bad day for you !

New season of Prison Break.

How to teach your son doing sex. LOL.

Hey ! I have an iPad too !

Argh ! LMFAO !

They're better just closed the damn road !


applesakura said...

suke pic yg last tuh! nk letak kat bilik lah! hik3

xRaafikx said...

haha, nanti try carik la. pastu bg i satu. hehe. :p