Sunday, June 13, 2010

Entry For Her

Yeah, getting bored right now. There is nothing to only keep blogwalking and chatting on Innit. Bahh. And and, I saw this one Leng Loi. Her name is Liez. Yeah, I like the way she writings, and her blog.  Hm, hm. She is a mix-tape. I mean. mix Melayu-Cina, and she is cute too.  Hehe. And this songs is for her.

Well Liez, we have a common. I like this song too. Enjoi ya. :)


AMOI KUSUT said...

thank you very much yaa.
nice to know you..

*hey, u not rude rite?

xRaafikx said...

my pleasure. :)

nah, not so rude. just a lil bit. :p