Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kerana Chenta

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"Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains.
I am glad 'tis night, you do not look on me,
For I am much ashamed of my exchange:
But love is blind and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit;
For if they could, Cupid himself would blush
To see me thus transformed to a boy."
                from The Merchant Of Venice

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"i need love
not some sentimental prison
i need god
not the political church
i need fire
to melt this frozen sea inside me
i need love"
From Sixpence None The Richer

All I need is Love

"She is no longer in control
she can no longer resist the pull
she pulls the trigger
and falls to the ground
as the gun made not but a muffled sound."

Cant you feel the Pain ?


rhapsody LiN said...

haha.. tu lah mcm pernah dengar je quotes MOV Shakespeare tu. lin siap berlakon lg cerita tu :)

atie said...

everybody need love & to be love... love cannot be find but it will comes....

baincardin said...

*Jom kongsi info tentang 'Sabar Dalam Al-Quran' :)