Monday, November 15, 2010

Working Class Heroes

Happy Monday and Happy WEAK-days. Entry yang tak berapa pendek dari RaafikJahat.  This morning, i'm just having a interview at ING Insurance. Oh, aku bercadang untuk bertukar kerja, sebab ada masalah sedikit di tempat kerja aku sekarang. My friend, Don Amir - Vito is the one who helping me out to get this interview. 

"I've a lot of commitment. I've to pay car loan, petrol,
bills, and also for my social life. :)"

Contract for a year, weekends off, office hour working. time. Yeah, it's just the same with my job now. The different is, this is the REAL job. Professional one, its different with my recent job act. Oh, pray for me, Hopefully I'll get this job, cause I really need it. 


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